Launching a fragrance is no easy feat.  In a crowded marketplace, it is more common than not to get lost in the fray.  Embarking upon their journey into the land of perfumery, Eddy Ford Beverly Hills co-founders Sonya Eddy and Tyler Ford knew that their debut campaign for Evoke had to feature a face that encapsulated not only their signature scent but the essence of their entire brand.

“The vision was specific while simultaneously vast because we are not only launching a fragrance but an entire lifestyle brand,” Ford noted.  “So taking the entire landscape into consideration, we had to find someone who exuded the aura of everything that Eddy Ford Beverly Hills is and intends to be… timeless class with a uniquely modern edge.”

Actress and Southern California native Brytni Sarpy possessed all of those qualities and more. 

Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting at the University of California Santa Barbara, Brytni was cast in numerous mainstage and local productions, earning acclaim for both her comedic sensibilities and dramatic range.
The trained dancer, who currently stars on ABC’s General Hospital, sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss her sense of style and what scent means to her.

You’re friends with Sonya Eddy. Tell us more about how you met…

Sonya and I met during my first Nurses Ball. She's so instantly recognizable, with a vivacious energy that you can't help but smile around. We met doing hair and makeup, she and I both have the same makeup artist, Bobbie, and were vying for the chair, lol. We became better acquainted a year later when we got to work together during last years Nurses Ball. I was in awe of her soulful voice and commitment to perform in a number of different pieces, all while dealing with an injury. THAT'S an artist! 

How would you describe your sense of style?

I have so many different looks. Black is definitely my go to color. I wear a lot of athleisure, as it's conducive to my active lifestyle. For formal occasions I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and one-pieces.

What does Evoke mean to you?

Evoke is what you pull out of someone or something, it's having that quality that people are drawn to for an indescribable reason, its something that's definitely felt rather than seen.

What does scent mean to you? Do you have a favorite scent memory?

Scent is strongly tied to memory for me, it can be the most subtle, yet powerful of all of our senses. I have so many scent memories, sometimes the smell of mowed grass or trees reminds me of elementary school, certain foods remind me of certain people I remember cooking them... the list goes on.

Who are your influences? Who do you look up to?

"How can I help?" is a question I ask myself to recenter on my purpose and impact on this world. It's those humans that do what I do, but also make selfless efforts to make this world a better place, that influence me the most. Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Denzel Washington are a few that influence me in my field.

What are you most passionate about?

Living, learning, experiencing, evolving, feeling... I'm passionate about understanding why I'm here and allowing my soul to guide me through my life's journey. 

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